About Us

Johnson Service Corps is a diverse, ecumenical communityOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA of young adults dedicated to service and social justice in Chapel Hill and Durham, NC.

The mission of Johnson Service Corps is to develop young-adult servant leaders through participation in a year of social justice engagement, intentional community living, servant leadership training, and spiritual formation.  

The vision of Johnson Service Corps is to offer transformative opportunities for young adults to re-imagine vocational discernment and pursue a life-long journey of community engagement sustained by spiritual practice.

Johnson Service Corps helps young adults discern vocation and lifestyle that flow from each individual’s unique calling. Our philosophy rests on the following four pillars:

  1. Servant Leadership: We embrace the values of communion, compassion, co-creation, collaboration, and character (see definitions below). As servant leaders, we discern our unique callings and live authentically in those callings. We benefit from the spiritual awareness that practicing these values brings to our lives and vocations. We resist the definition of success as accumulation of money and power and replace it with an understanding of abundance through shared resources and “power with” rather than “power over.”
  2. Social Justice: We are called to work together with our neighbors, from the local to the global, to stand against injustice in social, cultural, economic, political, and institutional systems and instead create systems of equality.
  3. Intentional Community Living: This model challenges us to re-imagine how our household relationships and practices are informed by and reflect our values. We become more aware of how to meet the needs of others and ourselves as we shift toward a community-minded paradigm that radically affects how we are present at home and in the world.
  4. Spiritual Formation: Rooted in the contemplative and social justice practices of Christian tradition, Johnson Service Corps welcomes and embraces people of all spiritual expressions who seek to journey in discernment and in discovery of ways to live out call authentically.

  Servant Leadership Values

  1. Communion: I am committed to a regular, transformative, centering practice of spirituality and I intend to live the moments of my life increasingly present to life and awake to who I am called to be.
  2. Compassion: I confess my own humanity and acknowledge the heart connection I have with all who share the human condition. I see the light of creation in every person. I embrace people who are different than me because I understand that we are all one.
  3. Co-creation: I hear a voice of truth above the clamor of the dominant culture, a voice that asks me to question my culture’s assumptions and beliefs. As a servant leader, I align my life with this truth and engage with others to be co-creative instruments of justice and peace.
  4. Collaboration: I trust in the abundance of creation to provide all that is needed, so that individuals and groups can collaborate instead of compete. I strive to engage others in full participation and lead in such a way that builds leadership in others.
  5. Character: I am truly accountable to those served and approach opportunities for change with awareness of community assets. I meet commitments on time and act responsibly with public and personal trust. I am accountable for my words and actions.

Johnson Service Corps is a 501(c)3 independent non-profit organization, and an affiliate of Episcopal Service Corps, a national network of similar programs around the US.

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