Servant Leadership Training

Servant Leadership Course, DC Trip and Other Trainings
On Fridays, corps members receive leadership training in the Servant Leadership model. Servant Leadership is about discovering our true selves, understanding and owning our shadow-sides, and moving toward an authentic self that is in communion with Creator and creation, compassionate with oneself and others, and in alignment with divine power and purpose. Corps members take the 10-week Servant Leadership course alongside community members.

At the conclusion of the Servant leadership course, corps members visit Church of the Saviour in Washington, DC to experience first-hand how servant leadership practice has created a unique and inspiring faith community.

Throughout the year, corps members also participate in trainings and workshops about social justice issues, spiritual practices, and understanding the self, others, and group dynamics.  Corps members attend a 2-day anti-racism training each year.

Praxis Project
In the winter/spring, corps members complete a Praxis Project.  For this project, they work together as a group to discern a call to a particular need in the local community, develop a project plan, write a small grant proposal and present it, administer the project, complete a project report, and evaluate and reflect on the whole experience.  The Praxis Project is a way to put the values and theory of Servant Leadership into practice in a concrete way.

Present & Listening
At the end of the year, corps members engage in a group discernment practice called Present and Listening, drawn from the Listening Hearts model and the Quaker tradition of Clearness Committees.  The group gathers around one person at a time to listen attentively and ask questions to help illuminate or clarify a call or an area of that person’s life where s/he seeks guidance.