Servant Leadership Classes

Fall 2016 Servant Leadership 101

Fridays, 9:15-11:30am, September 9 – November 4, 2016
@ Chapel of the Cross in Chapel Hill, NC

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Sliding scale fee of $100-200 covers readings, class materials and handouts; scholarships are available, contact

We invite adults of all denominations and spiritual expressions to join us for Servant Leadership 101 each fall on Friday mornings.  This 9-week course weaves together readings, discussion, personal reflection and interactive teaching to help us go deeper on the inward journey of spiritual practice and the outward journey of discerning and following call.  We will dig deep into the Servant Leadership values of Communion, Compassion and Co-Creation through study and practice. Community members take the course alongside Johnson Service Corps members to create a diverse and intergenerational learning environment.

Some people may say, “I’m not cut out to be leader.”  Or some may say, “Being a servant has such a negative connotation.”  Well, friends, I understand your confusion and I’m here to help.

Servant Leadership is a method of understanding that everyone is a leader by using one’s own unique gifts with authenticity and in alignment with one’s truest self.

Within this framework, servanthood is not lowly or demeaning, but rather an empowering choice to co-create and collaborate with others.  When we are all both serving and leading in this way, we are co-creating towards the collective vision of a world at peace with equality and harmony.

Servant leadership is a new/old way of living that connects us to our spiritual center and allows us to live with compassion for others and ourselves.

In the Christian tradition, the path of servant leadership harkens back to the life and teachings of Jesus, who didn’t fit with the socially powerful, but was an example of way of being that challenged oppressive structures by offering radical welcome and recognition of the divine light in all.

But it goes back even farther to that, to the ancient and instructive story of the Israelites in the wilderness learning how to live together peacefully and lovingly by honoring their deep spiritual connection with the Creator.

From these examples and from many other writers and wisdom traditions, we learn how to engage in practices that free us to act with authenticity and grace as we work towards a community and world where all are valued and empowered to offer their gifts for the good of self and community.

Wherever you are on your personal or spiritual journey, this course will be enriching and deepen your understanding of yourself, others, and your calling or place in this world.