Corps Member Life

What’s it like to be a corps member? Here’s a look at a week in the life.

Sunday evening: community dinner at home, Parakaleo (group spiritual sharing/practice)

Monday: work at placements, evening free

Tuesday: work at placements, community dinner and class at home (Servant Leadership in fall, Call & Money in spring)

Wednesday: work at placements, evening free

Thursday: work at placements, community dinner at home, community business meeting

Friday: both houses gather for formation in the morning, community lunch, afternoon and evening free

Saturday: free

Sunday: free until community dinner

Other activities:

  • Spiritual Community: Each corps member is required to find a spiritual community to participate in weekly.
  • Partner Congregations: Once per month, corps member are required to participate in any activity sponsored by one of our partner congregations in order to build relationships with the communities that support JSC.
  • Mentors: Each corps member is matched with a mentor to meet with at least monthly.
  • Spiritual Direction: Corps members have have the opportunity to meet with a spiritual director for free or very low cost.
  • Reflection & Rest: The structure of the program is designed to build in time for spiritual practice, self care, and rest.  We encourage you to use it wisely!