Johnson Service Corps is named for Margaret “Callie” Johnson, librarian and parishioner of The Chapel of the Cross Episcopal Church in Chapel Hill, NC.

Ms. Johnson lived simply and the church leadership was surprised when she left over $300,000 to the church in her will. In light of Ms. Johnson’s life-long interest in the education and development of young people, the Vestry of the Chapel of the Cross decided to explore the idea of creating a internship program for young adults that would focus on outreach to the community.

The original name for the program was Johnson Intern Program and the first group of three young adults were welcomed in the fall of 2000.

In 2005, the program incorporated into a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and hired Susan Gladin as the Executive Director. Under Susan’s leadership, the program grew from four participants to a steady eight participants each year. Susan also spearheaded the development of our Servant Leadership curriculum through her training at The Servant Leadership School of Greensboro, NC.

As more programs like us were cropping up around the country, we joined with them to found the Episcopal Service Corps in 2008. The national network of the Episcopal Service Corps has grown from 6 founding organizations to now include over 25 programs across the U.S.

In 2013, Sarah Campbell was hired as the Executive Director after serving as a mentor and board member. Sarah completed a year of service in 2007-2008 with Discipleship Year through the Servant Leadership School, an affiliate of the Church of the Saviour in Washington, DC.

During a strategic planning process completed in the first half of 2014, the Board of Directors voted to update the program name to Johnson Service Corps and approved a plan to grow the number of young adult participants and reach greater visibility and sustainability.