5 Core Values

Servant Leadership Values

Corps members learn about, reflect on, and practice these values throughout the year.  We are ever-deepening our understanding and practice of these values in order to be the people we were created to be.  By living from the depths of our true selves, we cultivate inner peace and find purpose to authentically serve our community and the world with our unique gifts.

  1. Communion: I am committed to a regular, transformative, centering practice of spirituality and I intend to live the moments of my life increasingly present to life and awake to who I am called to be.
  2. Compassion: I confess my own humanity and acknowledge the heart connection I have with all who share the human condition. I see the light of creation in every person. I embrace people who are different than me because I understand that we are all one.
  3. Co-creation: I hear a voice of truth above the clamor of the dominant culture, a voice that asks me to question my culture’s assumptions and beliefs. As a servant leader, I align my life with this truth and engage with others to be co-creative instruments of justice and peace.
  4. Collaboration: I trust in the abundance of creation to provide all that is needed, so that individuals and groups can collaborate instead of compete. I strive to engage others in full participation and lead in such a way that builds leadership in others.
  5. Character: I am truly accountable to those served and approach opportunities for change with awareness of community assets. I meet commitments on time and act responsibly with public and personal trust. I am accountable for my words and actions.