Collaboration with the Natural World


Collaboration: I trust in the abundance of creation to provide all that is needed, so that individuals and groups can collaborate instead of compete. I strive to engage others in full participation and lead in such a way that builds leadership in others.




Collaboration comes in many forms. The usual way that I think of collaboration is working together with people. However, this month, as the seasons are changing from late winter into early spring, I’m thinking a lot about how we collaborate with things around us, with nature and the world. Earth day is coming up this weekend, and living and working as pollen is in the air makes it an ever present aspect of my life, with allergies. Sometimes I think, why is this happening, why am I being attacked by nature? Then, I think on this year, the work I do with farmers, and how ingrained our lives have been with the people around us, that I have grown to have a deeper appreciation for the earth around us as well. Little things we do can have a big impact on the earth, from what we chose to eat, to long term climate effects. And, speaking to my fellow corps members, time in nature is a spiritual practice. It is something to be cherished, our relationship with nature, and moving forward I hope to have collaboration with the natural world be a part of my life.