Who’s Expectations?

One of the main reasons I applied to the Johnson Service Corps was because I realized that I was playing along with other people’s expectations. At the time I did not fully recognize it to be God’s voice that was asking me to question the values, beliefs, and practices of my culture. I had an inkling that it was God guiding me, but I did not fully comprehend God. I finally surrendered and let God, whoever he was.

The Johnson Service Corps has become a trusting, loving program that has enabled me to focus on my calling while also learning how much more God can guide me and be a part of my vocational and healing journey.  As I delve into the Bible and the life of Jesus, I continue to feel validation and motivation to confidently live my truth which does not resonate with the dominant cultural.

I gladly welcome this opportunity to learn about God, however, by joining JSC I have put myself in situations that can be challenging, and the most challenging so far has been to remember to trust God.

Gayle Cruz is a 2016-17 corps member serving at Compass Center for Women and Families and living in the Chapel Hill house community.

Co-creation: I hear a voice of truth above the clamor of the dominant culture, a voice that asks me to question my culture’s assumptions and beliefs. As a servant leader, I align my life with this truth and engage with others to be co-creative instruments of justice and peace.”